1. "Fireball Smash" & "Night Race": The End

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    Author: Kjow Project

    Platform: Android

    Release Date(s):


    Design Approach:
    Design is very simple for both games: little intro, quick plays with simple mechanics and best scoring.
    The JAM’s guidelines were simple and the games were also simple.

    • In Fireball Smash you should hit more UFO as you can, to get more seconds and survive as long as you can.
    • In Night Race you should avoid crashing the car into boxes over the road and survive as long as you can.

    In both games you can share your best score in social networks.

    30€ on Facebook with 95% of budget for installs and 5% for page likes. I noticed only a little raise in downloads. Maybe better games (you don’t say?) and more budget (at least 3x with dailies cap=more days) could get much better results.

    These were my first games published for mobile devices and they helped me to learn a lot of thing about Android and 2D development.
    I’m satisfied about these games: they are trivial, not so pretty and downloaded only few times… but thanks to these, I grew up much and I saw the potential of a good idea on mobile devices.
    Of course, you need a lot of luck to get results… but the potential is big.

    I will try again in mobile development, but without a good or innovative game design idea and a powerful (or just smart) marketing, we are like a drop in the ocean.

    Thanks to all!


  2. Flappy Jam IV: The Showdown


    It’s April and the jam is “officially” over!

    Some stats

    • Games: 14
    • Games with incomplete data: 2
    • Downloads: 33924
    • Avg. downloads: 2423
    • Standard deviation: 5122
    • Avg. days on the markets: 27 /31
    • #FlappyBird-like games: 5
    • App Store games: 8
    • Play Store games: 11

    Complete Sales Spreadsheet



    Post Mortems & Other data

    More post mortems will be published soon as well sales data post Flappy Jam from the developers who wants to share them.


  3. Hedgy Jumper : the floppy post mortem


    Platforms: Android, iOS

    Release Date(s): 5/03/2014 (Android), 16/03/2014 (iOS)

    Sales Spreadsheet (ongoing)


    Design Approach

    The game was designed literally following the jam guidelines. Making a clone was pointless(but it could have been slighty more remunerative), therefore we aimed to reproduce the “successful” Flappy Bird formula from another point of view:

    Simple mechanics +  penalizing controls system + unforgiving design

    The formula was translated in:

    • Endless runner where you have to jump into point areas (rings)
    • You have to load the jump first by tapping and then release at the right time to execute the jump. The loading time is linearly proportional to the jump height.
    • One collision and it’s game over. You can collide with the ring top, bottom, deadly spikes and platforms. Rings are placed at 5 different heights and there are 14 different combinations of level elements mixing randmly.

    The result was an hard game that was a bit more complex game than Flappy Bird. Internal testing showed that in Hedgy Jumper it was a bit easier to reach a minimum of 5 points (WRONG!).

    The jump mechanics, despite being tuned to be responsive and scalable, weren’t seen as a great design element, but it was a jam and the project had to be shipped!

    In the end the game was packed with a simple animal themed art (jumping + rings = Sonic -> hedgehog) and an ironic trailer was baked during a lunch break using gameplay footage.


    The Android release went smoothly as silk wait.. not it didn’t: the game was mistakenly submitted to the Play Store in its alpha stage two days in advance (Dear Google, please don’t put the Beta and Alpha tabs next to the release one)

    The iOS release wasn’t better: a surprisingly well written 2 star review in the US store crushed our dreams in the american market (I’m serious: if there were more reviews like that one, the mobile store market will be a lot better)



    Budget: around 60€

    A wide range of different approaches have been tempted. We knew that the app was almost impossible to market because there wasn’t nothing special about it.


    • Sharing the game on appropriate subreddits, forums and other boards - Free
    • Request media coverage - Free   lots of hours wasted
    • Facebook Ads - 20€
    • Admob - 20€
    • Fiverr - 15$
    • Other - remaining budget

    The game was featured in two websites and reviewed together with other mobile games on IGN Italia.

    I can’t say one of these approaches boosted the sales, Sharing and Admob gave some results but in the end they weren’t enough and I consider the money spent on them wasted.

    Fiverr could be a powerful tool but it won’t boost your sales. In the last days sales improved because the game was featured in the new sections of the App Store in Italy and the Uk.

    If you are a small developer selling a free apps is very hard to make traditional ads services profitable: you are practically paying every download and you’re not earning almost anything by it. Using ads to climb the charts on the release could be an option but it requires a LOT of money.


    Following the last mobile phenomenon was a “waste of time” as forecasted( unless you develop a shameful clone sold at a lowered price shortly after the original game release).

    Mobile gamers don’t seem to care about hard games even though they are very simple. Flappy Bird probably was (even more) successful because it was a viral phenomon (The success of the easier clone of Threes, 2048, fit this explanation)

    The best way to be successful in the mobile market for a small developer is probably the oldest one: develop beautiful innovative game which often means to put lots of time and money on a relatively big project (unless you master minimalistic game design like Terry Cavanagh ).

    However the jam experience was helpful and positive!


  4. "MADUZO FALLS": the report

    TITLE: “Maduzo Falls”

    AUTHOR: AmmoreChicks

    PUBLICATION DATE: 24th March 2014 on Android (Opera Mobile Store)


    COMMENT: It’s my first mobile game and my first Unity game. It has been a great experience despite the small amount of downloads. Opera Mobile Store is a so called “alternative store” but I soon realized that without paying for a promotional campaign, your game can’t be seen by anyone (I tried to find it on the new games category but I didn’t succeed…).
    Anyway, I’ve nothing to regret. I think I will promote “Maduzo Falls” in the near future through different channels but I consider my mobile experience almost “completed”.


  5. Flap in Time released on the App Store


    Flap in Time by Luderia is now available on the App Store! Take control of 31 weird time-bending creatures in this beautiful flappy-game. Predict your character’s movement as he flaps through the sky, and try not to crash into the obstacles.

    App Store - Free

    Original post


  6. is now available on iOS


    you’re faster lava?


  7. Hedgy Jumper released on the App Store

    The challenging endless runner by Lazer Bears Games is now available on the iOS devices.

    App Store - free


  8. Flapping Online

    Flapping Online

    Developers: Havana24

    Platforms: Android, iOS (soon)

    Release Date: 13/03/2014 ( Android)

    Social Networks: FacebookTwitter.

    Let your bird flies as long as possible through the obstacles.
    Play online and tries to get the best score versus hundreds of players from all over the world that play on your same level concurrently!
    Every 5 minutes the level is updated for everyone.

    - Global High Score.
    - Ghost system: you can see what the best player has done.
    - Shop: you can buy more skins for your bird.
    - Two selectable languages, English and Italian.

    Video: -



  9. Pixie - The Run

    Pixie - The Run


    Developers: P.BROS

    Platforms: iOS

    Release Date: 13/03/2014 (iOS)

    Social Networks: Facebook

    Pixie is a simple game.
    Run with Pixie and try to make best score!

    Amazing colors and awesome animations inside, you can play in portrait or in right landscape mode.
    Super retro soundtrack style!





  10. Flap in Time

    Developers: Luderia

    Platforms: WebAndroid, iOS (soon)

    Release Date: 07/03/2014 (Web, Android)

    Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

    Flap in Time is a twisted Flappy-like game for those looking for more challenge! Master the physics behind your creature’s jump to make them come out alive of every scored point.

    Every time you reach a gap and score a point, time slows down. Then, you must flap in time along with a timeline, placing jump markers where your character should jump, in order to survive and reach the next gap.

    A new character is unlocked every 10 points. Try to beat your friends’ high score, and get 31 unique characters as you play!